Collection: Govinda Premium Quality 20 Incense Sticks - Hand Made

Premium Quality Govinda Masala Incense Sticks with a Rich Long lasting aroma.

Premier quality Govinda masala incense sticks with a long-lasting fragrance and gentle burn rate. The Govinda range of fragrances is very varied and ranges from sticks that Relax, Unwind, Uplift, and Calm you. We also stock sticks that are Sweet, used for Meditation, Fresh, have Healing properties, and ones that are even Erotic.

  • The Govinda incense sticks are of premier quality, have a long-lasting aroma and burn evenly to allow the scent to disperse into your surroundings evenly.
  • You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are 45 fragrances to choose from including sweet, uplifting, and even citrus.
  • Depending on the combination you choose you can create a variety of moods including calming, energising, purifying and even erotic.
  • Many of the fragrances are naturally Indian, so we stay true to the essence of the history of the stick.
  • Directions: Simply light the tip of your incense stick, wait for it to glow, then blow out the flame and place in an incense holder for a beautiful fragrance throughout your home.
  • The package contains 20 cored incense sticks
  • Burn time 45 minutes approx per stick.
  • The packaging is recyclable.