Govinda Sensuality Incense Sticks Premier Quality Him & Her


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Govinda Sensuality Incense Sticks Premier Quality Him & Her

Govinda Sensuality incense sticks, Ylang ylang, Patchouli & Nutmeg.

This is part of the Aromatherapy Range of incense by Govinda SENSUALITY is a blend of the following fragrances:

YLANG YLANG - is an aphrodisiac, fights phobias and improves focus. NUTMEG - is an emotional healer and helps fight addiction. PATCHOULI - is a sedative, improves assertiveness and fights moodiness.

  • Govinda Sensuality incense sticks Premier Quality Him & Her.
  • Do not leave in reach of children and pets.
  • Blending sensual ylang ylang, relaxing patchouli and spicy nutmeg, Stamford Aromatherapy Sensuality Incense Sticks are a gorgeous addition to your home. Their heady fragrance creates the perfect atmosphere for blissful relaxation and complete indulgence.
  • One pack of High Quality 20 Sticks and burns for 45 mins each stick.
  • Govinda is world-famous for its traditional incense made from select woods and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love. Their most widely known Precious line of incense comes in a variety of floral, exotic, sexy, woody and traditional resin fragrances, a traditional masala incense, is highly prized for its calming and purifying effect.

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