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Night Queen Incense Sticks Flat Premier Quality - Govinda

Night Queen Incense Sticks Flat Premier Quality - Govinda

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Govinda Night Queen incense sticks perfume for a clean fresh healthy aroma.

Govinda Night Queen is a scent that includes lavender and various other perfumes to create such a clean and fresh environment that it will help you to feel more healthy. Light the stick, sit back, relax, and enjoy the subtlety of Night Queen aroma as this incense infuses the air around you.

  • The Govinda Night Queen stick is a mix of fragrances that promotes good health and a clean environment.
  • This scent is amazing because it uses a mix of select woods, resins, Lavinder and fine essential oils all blended skilfully with expert care and love
  • For best results place in on incense holder
  • Package contains 20 cored incense sticks. Burn time 45 minutes approx per stick.
  • Made from perfumery raw materials only and the packaging is recyclable.
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