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Crystal Happy Laughing Buddha Figurine - 7.6cm High

Crystal Happy Laughing Buddha Figurine - 7.6cm High

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Clear crystal Happy Laughing Buddha Ornament Standing upholding the sack of money, Good Luck Health Wealth Serenity, Family protection.

Dimension: H: 7.6cm, L: 5cm, W: 3.2cm.  

  • Happy laughing Buddha standing up holding the sack of money. Every home should have one of these. Buddha is used for Good Luck, Health, Wealth, Serenity, Family Protection, Love peace, and happiness. This Beautiful Ornament is handmade using the very latest and best materials. The item is hand-finished which makes a unique piece. This item will make an ideal gift that can be treasured for years to come. 
  • The meaning of the word Buddha, you have to understand the meaning of enlightenment. Buddha translates into “enlightened one.” But just what exactly does it mean to be enlightened? Each crystal Buddha Statue will show you. Designed handmade to help you get in touch with enlightenment, the kind that strives toward elevated awareness, happiness, and total harmony within the Earth and birth, these statues will enhance your whole life complaint reflection and meditation practices. Through releasing fear, anxiety, and grief, you will amplify your confidence, free stress awareness, and universal harmony. Choose from Clear Quartz and Amethyst!
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