Blue Lamp Oil Tint Dye Firefly Smokeless Odourless - 10ml

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Blue Lamp Tint Dye For Paraffin Lamp Firefly Odourless Smokeless Liquid 10ml

Blue Lamp Tint Dye For Paraffin Lamp, Firefly Odourless Smokeless.

Blue Lamp Oil Tint Dye can be used for Paraffin Lamp, Firefly Odourless & Smokeless liquid. There are also 3 more colours available, Green, Red & Yellow - 10ml.

  • Mix and create ANY colour you like without spending a fortune. You can easily adjust the depth of colour as well.
  • Why settle for BLUE Lamp oil when you can have Purple, Aqua, Green, Lavender, Thanksgiving, Turquoise, or Christmas Red, Easter
  • Easy, No-mess Instructions Below. 
  • Economically Colour Your Candle and Lamp Oil for the Holidays - Halloween,
  • We Actually Prefer Coloured Lamp Oil to Clear as it Adds a Significant, Unique and Unexpected Design Element.

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