Collection: Govinda Foil Wrapped Incense Sticks Hand-Made Dipped/Rolled

Govinda Foil-Wrapped, Hand-Dipped & Rolled incense sticks with an Extra Long Burn Rate.

High-quality Govinda foil-wrapped incense sticks that burn for a long time and leave a lasting aroma. The foil wrap ensures that each stick is delivered to you extra fresh.

  • All our foil wrapped incense sticks are made by us in the UK using the highest quality oils.
  • There are 40 beautiful fragrances to choose from, each with their own unique quality, aroma and properties.
  • Each stick is handmade, dipped and Rolled with precision.
  • For best results place in an incense holder.
  • Package contains 20 incense sticks, each have a length of 13 inch (33cm).
  • Burn time 60 minutes approx per stick.
  • Made from perfumery raw materials only and the packaging is recyclable.