Govinda Nag Champa Oil 9ml - 4 Bottles

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Govinda Nag Champa Oil 9ml - 4 Bottles - topgiftz

BASED IN KENT UK - Govinda Nag Champa Fragrance oil, Unisex Perfume for Body and Burning Spiritual Erotic.

4 Bottles, 9ml per bottle - FREE POSTAGE

• Sweet musky, scent which is wide, Used in traditional Indian Therapies
• Superior High-Quality Products Of Nag Champa
• Ingredients: Diprophylene, Glycol, Fragrance.
• An exotic and stimulating scent for aromatherapy, body, bath, and Perfumery. Warm this essential oil in an oil burner or a beautiful, relaxing scent for your room or yoga studio. Can also be blended with other oils. This unique Nag Champa scent is a blend of oils taken from the Champ (Plumeria) flower and Sandalwood. The addition of the Sandalwood to this blend ensures that the fragrance is exotic and soothing without being overpowering.