Foil Wrap Incense Sticks, Musky, Perfumy, Sweet

Black Coconut Incense Sticks Foil Wrap

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Black Coconut Incense Sticks Foil Wrap - topgiftz

Black coconut incense sticks, fruity, fresh, dhoof, agarbatti, handmade dipped & Rolled.

One pack of high quality 20 sticks, long-lasting aroma, foil wrapped incense Sticks - long burning.

  • Incense sticks come wrapped in foil to ensure Each Stick Burners for approximately 1½ hours Minimum. 
  • High-Quality Incense Sticks.
  • Black Coconut Incense Incense makes a delightful presence in any home. In ritual, it also makes a great aid in spells of protection, particularly those seeking to protect virtue or chastity.
  • Black Coconut pure oil blended skillfully with expert care and love. 
  • A delightfully fresh powder scent with a warm baby fresh, baby soft background.
  • fades into the rich base notes that define the scent.
  • This unisex fragrance is popular among men and women.